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Not Just Jewellery.....

Norma has been creating inspirational Jewellery since 2002. Each unique item of Jewellery is created with passion, purpose and integrity to convey stories of faith, love and social justice, allowing the wearer to make a statement  without words.

She uses eco and fair mined silver and gold and ethically sourced gemstones. Many of her stones are from Nigeria were she supports a widow in gemstone mining.

She is creative director at Gold & Silver Fish Jewellery and founder of Treasured Foundation with a mission to make Jewellery change lives for disadvantaged people around the world. Her jewellery projects include training long term unemployed young people at her workshops in Birmingham UK and leading jewellery training workshops in Haiti, India, Nigeria and Grenada. She is a UK ambassador at Amical Arts International a community project to develop a creative academy for disadvantaged children in Haiti.  

Wear, share, and give fine art jewellery by Norma to make a statement without words and to make jewellery change lives! 

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