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Updated: May 25, 2020

When is jewellery not just jewellery? When its a prayer or a cry for justice.

Each item of fine art jewellery by Norma tells a story, her favorite themes are life, love and social justice. She is also influence by her faith and African/Caribbean heritage which is reflected in many of her designs.

She uses modern and traditional techniques such as chasing and repose a style which was prevalent in West Africa and ancient Egypt many centuries ago and adopted by Italian artists during the renascence period in History.

One of her designs which is a cry for justice is 'the water bearer' inspired by the forgotten child water bearers depicted here in Brigue in Haiti, proceeds from her work supports 'Amical Arts' a community project in Haiti with a vision to develop a creative academy for children aged 5 - 25 in Brigue.

The water bearer pendant/broach which can be purchased from our online shop is inspired by the natural poise and effortless grace of children, usually girls and aims to provide running water in the village to make scenes like this a thing of the past.

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