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But I Fly

Updated: May 17, 2020

The very first 'but I fly pendant' was created in 2019 and developed in 2020 during the Covid 19 lock down.

I didn't know what I would call her until I heard a song by Pastor Paul Grey with that title and I instantly knew that was her name! The song is available on iTunes and Amazon.

The collection is also a tribute to all the strong women who have been through the struggle but still fly, who have inspired me, like Bessie Coleman, (1892 - 1926) who was the first woman of African descent to fly and to hold a pilots license.

Its a story of triumph over adversity, in the midst of your struggle days may seem long, dark and lonely. The struggle is real but the the harder the struggle the stronger your wings! Keep on walking, keep on working, keep on pushing and keep on believing, God always keeps His promises, one day soon you will fly!

About 20 years ago when I was had three young children all under five years old and before I started making Jewellery, I went through a period of feeling very isolated and alone. I was in a dark place and felt as though I was in a cocoon. Then one Wednesday morning I went to my usual Bible study where we talked about hearing God's voice. As an exercise our leader suggested we all go to a different part of the church alone to listen quietly and then go back to the group and share what we heard.

I went quietly to an upstairs room and sat alone for around 20 mins, I recognised His voice as soon as I heard it. It wasn't load or booming, it was instantly recognisable, a very still small voice that seemed to come from somewhere inside me. It made me feel calm and reassured, a bit like a hug from a trusted friend.

When it was my turn to share with the group I said: "God told me that He knew I was feeling like I was trapped in a cocoon, but He would give me wings to fly and I would be like a beautiful Butterfly". I smiled the broadest smile i'd smiled in a long time because I knew He would keep His promise!

The lock down due to covid 19 has had me feeling in that place of being cocooned again so I've been working on developing my But I Fly collection as to aid my personal meditations as I touch the pendant I hold on to His promise, faith rises in my soul and I believe....

soon I will fly again!

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